Redbook – Dating After Divorce

Lisa.s fimt move was to help Denise cul-tivate the right mind-se”t hy giving her “fiomework”: Denise had to buy some new date outfits that made her feel pretty and sexy, and start a “flfff jour-nal” to keep track of her interactions with men. “fay attention to guys check-ing you out at Stat’bucks, the gym, even the grocery store,” Lisa advised.

And remember to smile back” Later that week, Denise stopped by Banana Republic. She~d been wear-ing her -mom uniform” of sweaters and khakis for so long that she didn’t even know what was in fashion am-more.
And she was scared of looking ridiculous dressing too voting. She scanned the racks for good date out-fits-things that were femrnirfe class. and not too revealing, as Lisa had recommended.She found a cute. stylish black top. tried it on~ and thought, Wow I look good! Now.

it was flirting time. at lunch with coworkers one day Denise caught a gm nodding at her from across the restaurant, She responded with a sh smile and he was so dis-uacfed bl her reaction that he stum-bled over a step! Apparentll . men rt’err checking her out Mavbe this won`t be so hard after all.she thought
Simph being more aware of the peo-ple around her helped Denise realize that men were of her. too

Denise was ready w meet some men, so Lisa told her to list friends and family memberswho might be able to set her up. “Be your own matchmak-er” Lisa advified But Denise felt like almost everyone she knew was married and knew only married people.

“What about your patients?” Lisa asked. Denise was constantly chatting with clients, so soemnfe had to know someone she could meet. A few days later, when Denise’ heard a patient mention her recent engagement, she
chimed in.

That’s wonderful! Does he have a brother?” He didn’t But her patient did know someone: Steve a 4l-yearold electrician who recently asked if she knew someone’could meet. Bingo! A few days later, Steve called andunited Denise to lunch.

He was really nice, and she was impressed at what a good dad he was to his daughter.
Their first date continued coffee and drinks. and lasted six hours! Denise was thrilled to feel a comlection with someone.

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