Never Give Up on Finding Love Again


Being a professional Matchmaker for over 18 years has been such an amazing journey. I feel honored to be able to meet such interesting, wonderful people who put their trust in me to help them find love.


I practice tough love, coach and challenge my clients, help women package their femininity, urge some to tone it down so they don’t send the wrong message, push my clients out of their comfort zone, help so many people figure out what and who they are looking for, wipe away tears of disappointment, jump for joy when things are going right, ALWAYS a positive force, RA RA Girl, love junkie, romantic fool…and through it all my clients have come to agree that TRUE LOVE is worth waiting for, and the best way to get there is to be positive, stay in the game and never give up.


There have been wonderful success stories where a client has shown up at the end of her rope, very discouraged, and soooo sick of meeting ridiculous, inappropriate men on dating apps. They have suffered through bad blind dates, and they are beyond ready to meet someone to share their life with. And like magic they found the “one” quickly. And sometimes it was a journey to get there. There were disappointments, self doubt, tears and bumps in the road, but through it all they developed a new self awareness, learned how to date, became less judgmental, tried to stay more open and often times my clients found love with someone different than who they had ever imagined would be their life partner.

I love LOVE, I love helping people find love and every day I change lives through successful relationships.