Dating Tips for Women

  • Package your femininity. Make sure you look great before you go on a date. Men are visual and you only get one shot!
  • Expand your cultural interests. You might discover a new passion, you will definitely meet new people, and you will be more interesting when the right person shows up.
  • Network, network, network. You never know, that new girl who you met might just have an adorable single brother.
  • Make sure you find balance between work and your social life. Don’t hide behind your desk. Be brave and get out there.
  • It is important to love yourself first before you can be in a loving relationship. So while you are working on the outside, make sure you feel good on the inside.


  • Make finding the “guy” like a second job. Get out there, go where men are, make eye contact and flirt. Let him know that you are interested. After all, men are afraid of rejection too.
  • Go to at least one social event a week and get comfortable being in a social environment. It’s important to feel at ease around men. Men find confidant women very attractive.
  • Practice flirting on a daily basis. In the grocery store, in an elevator, in line at the airport…think of it as stretching exercises!
  • Don’t go out with packs of women. Three total is a great number. If a guy is alone and wants to talk with you, he most likely won’t walk over to a crowd of girls.
  • Make sure you seem approachable. Smile, have fun, look open and ready to meet someone fabulous.


The Dating Process
  • Don’t talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes before a first date. Spark his curiosity and leave something for the first date.
  • Don’t go on a date straight from work. Make sure you leave time to go home, luxuriate in a bath, have a glass of wine, and get in the mood.
  • Make a list of 5 “must haves” and 5 “dealbreakers.” These can be used for screening potential partners. Writing the list will make you start thinking about what you are really looking for.
  • If you are looking for a monogamous relationship that can lead to marriage, make sure you ONLY date available men.
  • Don’t make quick judgments. Too often you are stacking the odds against yourself. Get to know him.
  • Wear something feminine or stylish on a date, but never too sexy. That will send the wrong message.
  • Never be too available for a guy. Men LOVE what they have to fight for.
  • When you start dating a guy you are just wild about, continue to date several other men as well in order not to focus obsessively on him.
  • Get vital information. Men love to talk about themselves, so over dinner in a subtle and caring way, find out all about his past and his future goals.
  • Let the man make the moves. Don’t ask when you will get together again,and if he doesn’t ask you out for a second date within a two week period (maybe he is traveling or sick) DO NOT CALL HIM! Rip up his card,delete him from your phone and move on.
  • If you don’t hear from him after a second or a third date, don’t make excuses for him. If he wants you, he knows how to find you.