Avenue Magazine – Solving Love’s Equation

Lisa Ronis has matched them all: a high-profile entrepre-neur, a divorce with two kids, and a twenty-something who never found a mate on JDate. While technology continues to advance around us, the concept of finding “the one” still remains a mystery. Fortunately for soulmate seekers, matchmaker Lisa Ronis can help.

“I have the formula. I match. It’s a combination of practical-ity for me mixed with gut,” Ronis says proudly. “I think finding true love and the connection looks so easy, but there are so many elements that go into it.

”Elements like readiness, religion, lifestyle and level of sophistication, Ronis says, are all variables she takes into serious consideration when assessing her clients’ needs.

Since leaving her career as a fashion executive in 2000, Ronis has helped people find their perfect mates—a career that came naturally to the bubbly and warm brunette.

“I’ve always been a romance junkie. I used to always read books about relationships,” she says. “I’m kind of like a Renaissance girl and I think that I’ve always tried to help people, and I have that positive inner spirit.

”And it’s exactly Ronis’ optimism that has helped her clients get through the good and the bad of dating.

“It’s not an easy job dealing with people’s emotions. Being the ‘rah rah’ girl, coming up with good matches, staying on top of things. It’s not easy, but I love it,” she continues.

And with new online dating websites popping up left and right, Ronis says she’s far from worried. Online dating can only take someone so far in the game of love. “It’s impersonal,” she says. “My friend went on a Match date the other night and I know the guy, these were the last two people I would ever put together.

”While Ronis may seem like just another one of Cupid’s minions, she plays a much greater role in a client’s quest to find love. Sometimes, Ronis says, what a client really needs is a life makeover first before settling down with Mr. or Mrs. Right.

“I do everything,” she says. “The emotional support, the encourage-ment, the beauty tips. I go into wardrobes. I transform people.

”Ronis recalls one client engagement where the initial success was reorganizing a woman’s closet — before finding her a husband.

“We built a wardrobe and she was feeling really great,” she says. “Then I sent her out and she’s done really well . . . she is getting married in June!”

Ronis has worked with clients all around the world from Asia to Europe to the States. When she’s not matchmaking, Ronis enjoys working on her charities, hanging out in her Palm Beach home and spending time with her dogs.

“Dogs happen to be one of my life passions,” she says.

Ronis can’t give you a calculated success rate, but her testimonials can be found merely in her weekend plans—when asked about her Sat-urday plans, she coyly replied she’s attending a former client’s wedding.

“My couple that’s getting married, there’s just something about them that’s so perfect together,” she says. “Some of it was probably gut, some of it was probably luck.”

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